January 2, 1017

I love my temporary desk. It’s a corner one and has windows on my left and back. Whenever I get bored and feel sleepy, I just look outside. There are a few big trees surrounding the compound. Mango, Ashoka (Aasopalav) and others I don’t recognize yet. Ashoka trees are famous for wind resistance and noise cancellation properties. That’s why they are generally found in residential as well as industrial areas.

Today the window on my left got its shades. Very simple but elegant; a modular design, made up of alternate yellow and white colored drapes, weights for the bottoms, guide rail and sliders.

In the afternoon, I also saw a giant bird with about one meter of wingspan. I am not sure but it was probably a vulture. It was carrying a rat in its beak. It flew from top of our building and landed on the next building’s terrace on the water tank’s cage while carrying the prey. A tiny lump compared to the bird’s huge spread.