January 13, 1017

Company founders and head of different departments introduced themselves and the company to the new batch of employees who were hired in the last two months due to company’s decision for quick growth in the workforce. Business development head explained the funda behind company’s name. Separating decision making from actuator control.

This sent me about just a year back in flashback, at my previous company where I was evaluating different designs and products in automobile history. A detour that I had taken while working on brake system. I was trying to understand brake booster’s function and got really impressed how “design takes care of the control part”. Another such example was simple, 100% mechanical two stroke engine. Again, design takes care of the control. For some reasons these smart mechanical systems with inherent control in their design impressed me so much that I started thinking about intelligent pure mechanical systems, how they can be designed so intelligence can be imbibed into them in the design part itself. It was like going back to the stone age.

And today I was being inducted in the company that was named to do the opposite. Technology is amazing. A quote from the TV series True Detective’s Season One by Rust Cohle starred by Matthew McConaughey comes to mind. “Time is a flat circle. Everything we have done or will do we will do over and over and over again forever”.