February 15, 2017

I had just got off my phone after lots of pointless discussions on “life and how best to live it” with an old friend of mine. We talked a lot, without sense of time. It was after a long time, naturally there was a lot to discuss.

Phone call delayed my assembly work but after getting off the phone I was really happy with what I was doing. Working on my dream that had taken shape in my second year of engineering. I was finally building my 3D printer after almost five years since I had dreamed for the first time.

It might not sound that big a deal because the kit is available online and so many people have already done this. But for me it was quite an adventurous journey to get (back) here, at this point where I would just forget every problems, every ambitions, every plans, forget just about everything and focus on building my portal to the free world, so I like to call. Thinking about butterfly effects, I still wonder how I got back to where I had once started. Just like Rust says: Time is a flat circle.

Assembly Resumed: Y-axis

Y-axis assembly parts, start of work for today
Linear screw and guide assembly for Y-axis, this one is a lot of fun
Where I stand now…

Overall it was a productive evening again. Philosophical and practical realizations achieved. Yes partial, let them be.