Eyes turned skyward

Becoming a new kind of Sanyasi

When does one become a sanyasi?

For example, when I have no real and significant “work” in life I start following some or other interest – change stage. And when I don’t find any solid objective in those interests, I start changing my interests – exploration stage. And when similar experience follows, I give up and do something as mundane as sitting in front of tv all day and night – depression stage. And as days pass by it comes to mind that nothing interests me and nothing can make my waste of time any interesting.

This is the realization stage. You realize the contemporariness of the Moh-Maya surrounding you. There two ways from here. One for those who didn’t understand what had happened and they couldn’t assess their experience well – they go into the permanent stage of depression which are called mentally ill cases. Both the ways are mental, mind it, as it turns out. Since the second way is the Sanyasi way. This is generally followed by sacrifice stage which requires immense courage. From here again there are two ways. Courageous way – the permanent sanyasi way and non-courageous way – when one goes back to the circle of mundane life and then the depression. A sanyasi has always been respected everywhere in the world by prudent who understood what it takes to be one. The combination of realization and courage is what makes a soul a sanyasi. He can never be a blind follower.

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