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Kinetic Engineering Limited, Kinetic Group

Industry Automotive
Founded 1972
Founder H K Firodia
Headquarters Pune, India
Parent Firodia Group



Product Portfolio

  1. Manufacture all transmission components (gears, shafts, axles etc.)
  2. Engine components (crankshafts, cylinder heads, camshafts etc.)
  3. Complete gearbox & engine assemblies for auto & non auto products
  4. Make various body components
  5. Manufacture chassis, rims, mufflers etc.
  6. Assemble complete vehicles




  1. press shop, weld shop, paint shop
  2. 52 acre manufacturing facility located in Ahmednagar with over 800 employees
  3. an art to part solution for every need



Kinetic Engineering Limited is a part of the $500MN Firodia Group of companies, one of the pioneering groups in automobiles in India. It was founded by HK Firodia in the year 1972. HK Firodia is known as the founder of the Indian Automobile Industry, who pioneered transportation & automobile manufacturing in India post independence.



Founder: H. K. Firodia

noted industrialist and philanthropist, fondly remembered as the Doyen of Indian Automobile Industry. He was a man who nearly single handedly laid the foundations of the now thriving Indian Automobile Industry, and left an illustrious legacy for Kinetic to hold up.



Chairman : Mr. Arun Firodia

a rare combination of a brilliant Engineer and an astute Businessman. He is the Chairman of Kinetic Group, India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of two wheelers. A leading Industrialist, he is also a Social activist.Born in 1943, Mr. Arun Firodia obtained his B.Tech with distinction in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Mumbai in 1965. He later went to US and obtained his MS in Electrical Engineering from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). He completed his MS in Management from ‘Sloan School of Management’. He had a bright academic career.He inherits the rich tradition of his illustrious father late Shri H K Firodia, the Doyen of Indian Automobile Industry, who developed vehicles for common people at affordable prices.


Mr. Arun Firodia started the flagship company, Kinetic Engineering Ltd. He developed, India’s first totally indigenous moped – “Luna” , which became an instant hit with the consumers and has become an all time success story. Mr. Arun Firodia introduced the world’s most advanced Scooter in India in a Joint Venture with Honda Motor Company of Japan.


Formerly, a manufacturer and dealer of two-wheelers, Kinetic Engineering Limited is currently a manufacturer and supplier of automotive components to a number of automobile manufacturers. Kinetic Engineering Ltd. was earlier known as Kinetic Honda when it became

partners with the Japanese automobile giant, Honda Motors, in 1984, holding majority stakes in the joint venture. In 1998, Kinetic parted its way with Honda and came to be known as Kinetic. Kinetic formed a partnership with Mahindra Automobile in 2008, retaining a mere 20 percent of stakes with it. Kinetic sold its remaining 20 percent stakes to Samena Capital in 2014.


Kinetic Motors is often credited for bringing a personalised mode of transport to India. In 1974, India’s first moped model, Kinetic Luna, was launched. Luna moped attained and retained an iconic status in India over a period of time. In partnership with Honda Motors, Kinetic launched India’s first gear-less two-wheeler scooter with advanced features like auto fuel cork, auto choke and TLAD suspension. This vehicle became an inspiration for a wide range of gear-less scooters to be launched by other automobile companies.


Famous Models produced by Kinetic

Kinetic Engineering Limited has produced a series of well-known and well-received models in the past when it used to be Kinetic Honda or Kinetic. Some of the famous models and variants across various segments of two-wheelers produced by Kinetic were Kinetic Luna, Kinetic Scooter, Kinetic 4S, Kinetic Boss 115, Kinetic GF 125, Kinetic GF 170 Laser, Kinetic Kine, Kinetic Zoom ZX, Kinetic Zing 80, Kinetic Velocity, Kinetic V2, Kinetic Stryker, Kinetic Nova 135 and Kinetic King 100.


Kinetic Engineering Limited Manufacturing Plants in India

Kinetic Engineering Limited had three manufacturing facilities: one in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, for manufacturing mopeds and scooterettes, the second one in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, for making scooters and the third one in Koregaon, Maharashtra for making motorcycles. As Kinetic no longer manufactures two-wheelers, the two manufacturing plants in Pithampur and Koregaon have been shut down. In addition to Ahmednagar, KEL has a corporate office in Pune, Maharashtra.

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra (Manufacturing unit for components such as transmission, gearboxes, engines and a number of other parts). Pune, Maharashtra (Headquarters, corporate office, tool centre, design centre and R&D centre).



KEL’s Vision for Excellence

The Chairman of KEL, Arun Firodia, has set a road map for the company to maintain the

level of excellence in manufacturing and dealing in terms of automotive components. He says, “We shall strive to deliver products to meet and exceed customer expectations of Quality, Delivery and Cost. This policy shall be deployed through continual improvement in product quality by process control & variability reduction.” Cutting cost by eliminating waste in all business processes, the company is striving hard to upgrade manufacturing skills and technology.







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