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Shubhasya shighram – padosan

Shubhasya shighram, ashubhasya kalaharanam’— when there will be good desire, we should do it immediately


After eight million births we have got this precious human birth, the Supreme Lord is pleased by creating human beings because human beings have got the discriminating power between eternal and non-eternal, good deeds and bad deeds, they have got the capability to worship the Lord. But other living beings have got no such conscience, discriminating power. So it is said `Shubhasya shighram, ashubhasya kalaharanam’— when there will be good desire, we should do it immediately, otherwise later there might be some hindrance and obstacle to it and when there will be evil desire, you should make late to do it, you should not do it immediately— this is Ravana’s advice to Lakshman. There is no guarantee that next we shall get human birth. It is stated in the Gita (8.6) — yam yam vapi smaran bhavam tyajaty ante kalevaram / tam tam evaiti kaunteya sada tad-bhava-bhavitah— Whatever we shall think at the time of death, we shall get birth accordingly.


1. Complete any auspicious work as soon as possible and keep delaying the inauspicious work as much possible. He supported this teaching by saying, “शुभस्य शीघ्रम्” (Shubhasya Shighram).

He told Lakshman that he could not recognize Rama and therefore delayed arrival at the shelter. Hence this is his condition.

2. Never underestimate your enemy. . He said that he did this mistake of understanding the monekys and bears lesser or incompetent and he lost the battle against them.

He said, when he asked Lord Brahma to make him immortal, he said no one else except for monkeys and human could kill him. This is because he believed that both these living beings were not capable to kill him.

This was his mistake and he suffered life as a result.

3 – Don’t reveal your life’s secret to anyone. Here also Raavan made a mistake as Vibhishan knew the secret of his death. Raavan knew this was his biggest mistake of life.

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