Eyes turned skyward

What made me angry…

It was a usual bargainingsituation with a usual auto driver. He was only doing his part of the business. What was I doing then? What made me angry?

It was the situation I had put myself in. I hadn’t quite decided on whether I actually wanted to take an auto and reach home in time so that the internet guy who was waiting at the doorsteps wouldn’t run away.

It was pretty clear. Now or who knew when! Everything was set. Then what made me have second thoughts?

It was because the meeting had been arranged at wrong time! Why would someone assume that internet guy would be late and I will directly be going home and will reach in time. It was possible with only some probability. That guy clearly screwed it up. I was supposed to be the one to be there anyway so it fell upon me to take care of the mess. I was also suggested of an obvious and a viable solution. I took decision differently. I kept asking why should I do?

I now think it was very stupid and I should have simply taken an auto and reached in time. Because in such situation when someone is counting on you and your money is also at stake and you aren’t loosing much, take a simple and suggested decision.

In such situations don’t ask why. Never ask why as it only gives opinion. Ask what, how, when and where. It wasn’t a difficult problem. Just needed rational answers to fact intended questions.

Time seeking and perfectly achievable.


So again, be clear what you want and then go for it.

Do not hesitate to slow down and clear stuff up. Simplicity is better than chaotic outcomes.


What: Get WiFi repaired.

When: Asap

Where: Home

How: Fastest and most viable mean

Whom: Internet guy

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