February 14, 2017

I had ordered the 3d printer kit from http://www.diy-india.com. It was delivered on February 2, 2017 and since then was lying in my room. I had finally managed all the required tools and now was looking forward to the start of assembly.

The Holy Grail – Prusa i3 Rework Kit

The laser-cut acrylic Main frame  got damaged during transit and one of the corner piece which is fastened together with the top plate was broken. I was suggested by the kit seller to use tie-bands to take care of the broken part as shipping just the Main frame would be even more risky.

Unpacking the kit, the same day it arrived.

It was about time, I setup the work station in my room. Just a week before kit’s delivery I had been to the local market Shagun Chowk in Pimpri to buy a table and chair. A big dining table is what you need for the 3d printer. Work station was established.

Work Station, with a view of Mumbai-Pune Highway

What I found during assembly was the drill in the other corner of the Main frame didn’t match the top plate drill and so I was left with top plate pretty much hanging freely from the Main frame. Which being bad, I did some jugaad to tie it down. At this stage, I am very skeptical whether it take all the vibrations and movements when in function.

Main frame and Top plate mismatch, that was worked around.. for the time being.

Because pictures tell the best assembly stories…

Z-axis 1
Z-axis 2
Z-axis 3


Z-axis –  50% done

This marked end of the day.. Valentine’s day/night well spent.